Friday, April 10, 2015

Lots Has Changed !!!

We have completely grown up and went back to adult lifestyle ... If you'd like to keep up with us then go follow the following links!!

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Blog >> (very adult! XXX)

Sinful Frenzies is BACK!!! >>> In World <<<

With love as always

Detron & Dizzy

Thursday, December 18, 2014

He's here !!

So lots of new changes ... but most of all DETRON Is here in RL for a WHOLE MONTH! That's why I been a little quiet on blogging ... And we've GROWN UP !! We are tryin to run a family friendly event ... So anyone know of  'Young adult' Clothing ... PG Clothing! Then get them to apply for our events !!

So with that being said ... Goin to go snuggle up to Detron!! And finish this blog later! ♥

Saturday, December 6, 2014

One giant leap for man, it's one small step for mankind

You might have heard these words before but in reversed order to suit my point here. Most of you have heard or might also remember these famous words on that historical evening 21st of july 1969 by the USN astronaut Neil Amstrong while he; stepped on the lunar surface during a live transmission that was broadcasted all the way back to earth.

Our decision is more or less insignificant but important to leave this forsaken and fake world of toddlers and sociopathic Second Life families that choose to live in a fictional dream backed up by idiotic goals and poor roleplaying. Makes you wonder how these families function together, but trust me, they don't. It is a facade backed up with tormented trials of patience, trolls, people who let themselves be manipulated every single time, lies, deceptions, fakeness, evilness. It makes you think we're surrounded by psychos. In many cases you could do a clean medical diagnosis on this situation and commit everyone to an assylum (Luckily for them these institutions are long gone). People are simply put, idiots (Dr House quote).

Nevertheless this was an important step to me and Dizcordia equally. For us, not for anyone else. A pure egoistical, selfish decision in order to raise up what is most important to the two of us... Us.

For over a year ago we left Second Life  to roam the lands of Azeroth in World of Warcraft, where we had successes in building and running a raiding guild. We had good fun the gameplay was interesting, but at the end of the day like most WOW-players we felt burned out and by some aspects that game lacked, in many things that Second Life could instead provide easily and in which that's the heart of massive multi online gaming.
As the abbreviation MMO indicates, games of that scale are meant to be and function socially, but Blizzard has forgotten entirely about this aspect making that game so easily in the solo aspects that even my grandmom would manage it through (without exaggeration).

After our World of Boredom (Warcraft might sound more cool) trip ended, we went back to Second Life, instead we tried of the fake adult lifestyle had to offer with bitches trying to come between Dizcordia and me on a constant basis so we decided to go entirely PG and not only but also be the advocates of PG.

Once there Dizcordia and I started doing what we always do best and that is creating things. Either its poses, buildings, furniture, DJ:ing, etc until one day we came across a new school that would open up. Dizcordia encouraged me to spread my knowledge to others when it comes to building and scripting so we voluntarily and free of charge helped that school to start up.

"Drama will sooner or later catch up"

So there we are minding our own business happy and looking forward to all that, 2 days before the SL school opening when we started being bombarded by IMs from people digging into our adult lifestyle past, finding pictures of us naked way back in time and started of course... judging us on that. And of course the school owner who supports and priority rather her own pockets decides that is more important for her to kick us out.

Of course I didn't loose anything at all, rather then some little time. I wasn't finished with my course material entirely, none of that was done, but some of the SL kids followed me after all the drama and had a single lesson with me when I was skyping about Blender. Dizcordia was so upset about all that and convienced me it was just loss of time, as some of the participating kids where the starters of this drama. So I cancelled all that together.

Sorry but I did not lost a shit here. You asked for MY time, MY knowledge, MY lindens. I didn't get anything out of it so frankly, it was your loss, not mine :-) Needless to say that school shut down shortly after for poor management and for accepting trolling kids. The school didn't give a fuck about the backbone of its business which are the teachers and not the income. But we're talking about retarded and incompetent assholes with lack of proper life experience what so ever.

To make a long story short, Dizcordia and I tried everything in PG. Being parents, having zoobies, adopting children, having an orphanage, having me build cities and environments, being ourselves kids and do all the TD stuff, hosting gatcha events, making gatchas all that...

But regardless what you do and how hard you try, people will still judge you. We went to an orphanage as kids once and the orphanage had a movie theater with poses already pre-adjusted and defined for kid avatars (too close to each other to suit adults), and there we sat, hugging while watching the famous musical "Annie". We got judged for being lovie dovie... We said nothing, we did nothing. With us where a family, another mom with her daughter and so forth. All hugging all sitting down just like we did.

Couple of days later we received a big letter, adressed to both Dizcordia and myself saying that we are more or less out of our minds for doing adult stuff in our children avis.

Sounds incredible and outrageous doesn't it? Well... I'm tired of people having pathetic real lifes and bringing their shit in here. This time we will do it right. I dont give a fuck anymore. You wont have my sympathies, my friendship (sorry I am too good for some of them maggots in there), you will not have my lindens, you will not have my time. You will be JUDGED before you enter the inner circuit of our close friends. Be ready to be kicked out with the slightest weakness you show in your own personality. We will not deal with that shit anymore. Blocked, banned, begone!

With that said, I hope now you understand why I am going to appear cold, short in my sentences, being "En guard" ready to chop your head off :-)
Our toddlers may now rest in peace, as we go back in roleplaying young adults and able to use the proper vocabulary for you to comprehend.


Forever 19!

Detron, and I been playing kids, since around aug 2014 ... It's been a FUN roller coaster of emotions, friends, drama, FUN!, let downs, Judgements. But needless to say it's been a learning experience. I'm glad that I got to do it with a Man that's been by my side in BOTH worlds for 2 & 1/2 years!

I don't know what peoples problems are with us, or if they are jealous, or whatever the case maybe. But, things have come to our attention, and I got SO DOWN, that I was gonna finish blogging. But my feelings were SO HURT, that I just deleted most of the photos I had taken, as a kid blogger, cause I just don't get why people have to be so judgmental on here :(

So, we are GROWING UP !!! We are goin to 19 - hehe - so that way we're not COMPLETELY Grown - ahah - But still atta age where we can have or make family *giggles* and NO ONE can say anything! *smiles big*

And Detron will be here from Dec 12th - Jan 12th in real life ... So durin this time I wouldn't be blogging anyways - I want to thank EVERYONE who has let me blog for them for the last 4 - 5 months ... Thank you - Thank you so much for letting me have the chance to blog yer amazing creations! It was an honor! ♥

With all this being said ... Happy Holidays ... Have a Merry Christmas and a SAFE New Years !!

From Our Home to Yours !!

I have finally found you, and I'm SO glad that I have! ♥ You are an amazing man, and I'm so glad that we have each other! FOREVER I do !! ♥

June 27th, 2012 - Still goin strong !

Monday, December 1, 2014

McKidz For December !!

McKidz is another great creator I got to meet, while getting my own little Kids event going! hehe
This guys truly amazes me at tryin to do really awesome creations. He does a really great job at the creations as well. Comes up with some really cool ideas! So with all this being said ... Here is some of his creations that you guys can go and enjoy!

The "Disc Jockey" & Pacman Glasses RARE are all part of the event goin on at the new never land

The disk jockey is wearable and it spits out little disk when you walk around with it! The glasses are a RARE pair of cool Nerd glasses from back in the day! *giggles*

You can pick these awesome Items up at the >> Neverland Events Gacha <<

And can be purchased in the store after the event !!

Click the pictures above for links to McKidz IN WORLD !!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Take 1 - giggles

So, I've known hana for awhile now ... and I told her a few times I'd blog for her - but if you know her - she does a gazillion things, and she forgets somtimes - lol ♥ So I went and got clothes from her store and BLOGGED THEM !! hahaha - So here's a few - and I'll try to remember what outfits they are - hahah - *squeezes the hana*

Raven Set By Itsy Bitsy - Fits BOTH Kids and Baby Toddleedoos

Ellen Rose Set by Itsy Bitsy - Fits BOTH Kids & Baby Toddleedoos

Jenny Set by Itsy Bitsy - Fits BOTH Kids & Baby Toddleedoos

Panda Polly Set by Itsy Bitsy - Fits BOTH Kids & Baby Toddleedoos

So please make sure to go check out Hana's store - she really is an awesome creator!
Thanks for sharing yer nice creations with me Hana! ♥♥♥

Cause I know she loves Supernatural as much as I do - Giggles

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Doodlez Turkeys!

I'm actually happy that I got a cute Turkey outfit to blog :) Cause I am so happy for my boyfase Detron - Giggles - I miss I haven't gotten to have a thanksgiving with Him - YET - But ... I DO LOVE that I get to spend the most amazing christmas' with him!!


Girl Oufit - Turkey Time Shirt & Sock Hud, Turkey Time for Both Kid & Baby - Brown Flats, and bow for yer hair!

Hair - .ploom. Heart - Blondes
TD Version - ~ToddleeDoo - KidGirl (v.2.8)
Skin - ~Mynerva~Little Kia Bisque
Shape - Little Channis Mod/Copy
Eyes - BSN Deep Eyes - bright blue
Ears - **Cute Bytes** Bubbly Pierced ElvenEars

Boy Outift - Doodlez Turkey Shirt, Denim Brown Jeans For both Baby & Kid, Saddle Turkey Shoes

Ears: Cute Bytes - Baby Elves Ears 
Eyes: FATE - FATEeyes 
Hair: Argrace - Peyton 
Shape: Forever Young - Nathan

Taylor Swift - Blank Space (I gotta blank space baby, and I'll write ya name!)

Want Mommy and Daddy to look like you for Turkey Day?????
check this TJTH4 hunt gift out @LOoLOo's & Platypus >> HERE <<
Hunt starts tommorrow but it is out for finding now!
(Kids Clothes found at Doodlez Kidsz) >> HERE <<